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We Provide 100% organic & Utterly Delicious Pickles

Dhauladhar Pickles are made with the traditional fermentation method, used all around the world. We are committed to provide cleaner, safer & healthier food, to you & your family. We grow & source all of our vegetables from local farms and sell our products at your doorstep. We aim to produce the highest quality pickles at are full of flavor, more nutritious & rich in probiotics Our ingredients are natural superfoods & rich in antioxidants

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Our Vision

Since 2022 Dhauladhar Pickles has been producing 100% organic, naturally fermented, and raw plant-based food. Our vegetables are grown in the “Dhauladhar” region. Dhaula” means absolutely pure and “dhar” means range is a mountain range where organically produced vegetables/fruits are grown few of them are still unknown to the world. We are committed to promote local exotic vegetables to the Nation. We believe the Made in India product should reach out to everyone. Our kitchen follows the grandma recipes & making the pickles in a traditional way. We are making homemade pickles & promoting health by providing people with delicious, nourishing food. We sell only seasonal pickles that are available in limited edition. We buy our vegetables only from local farms and sell our products only in India.

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Our Vision

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  • 🌸 Cleaner, Healthier & Safer.
  • 🌸 Purity Promise.
  • 🌸 No Vinegar-No Sugar.
  • 🌸 No Preservatives- No Chemicals.
  • 🌸 Eco Friendly packaging.
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